The ETOBICOKE ART GROUP is a friendly group of local and regional artists who work regularly in our studio and exhibit work several times per year.

Officially, the aim of the group is to further the best interests of art, particularly in Etobicoke, through the mutual and co-operative efforts of our members. Unofficially...our members get together for companionship, mutual exchange of skills and knowledge, and for a wonderful sense of community. We paint, print and draw, and occasionally sculpt and learn new techniques and enjoy making innovative art while we make friends, hold exhibitions of our work, enjoy lecture evenings with lively experienced speakers who share with us their artistic visions and each year we raise money for bursaries for local students to continue their art education.

Members pay annual dues, studio, class and exhibition fees and contribute their expertise to the group on a volunteer basis to make it all happen.

Interested in joining us? Please check out the membership page for more information.

image credit: section of "Slice of White" by Helen McCusker