EAG in-studio classes are suspended  to comply with the provincial and city coronavirus regulations. 
Fees already paid will be held as credits until programs resume. 
The NPCC office staff will be available to make arrangements  by appointment if you need access to the studio to pick up work you may have left in in the past three weeks.

EAG Classes & Workshops are tentatively being planned for the Fall  2021.

When the Centre re-opens,  rules will apply as we try to make sure that everyone stays well and avoids any exposure to the coronavirus. 

We will all be wearing masks in both the common areas and studios. If you think you cannot work and wear a mask, it is better not to attend at all. There will be no exceptions.

You will be required to sign in at reception and again in the studio so we will have the ability to trace all contacts in case of any illness.

Physical distancing will be in effect in the studios so participation will be greatly reduced. With small groups we can still share  a great social experience and remain safe.

Everyone must supply their own drop-cloth for the table and another for the floor under your easel. There will be no shared items available.

As the kitchen will likely be closed, remember to bring your own coffee/tea/water for the day in addition to your lunch with any required hot/cold packs and utensils. Lunch breaks will be with your own studio group only.

At the end of each session, members will be required to wash their own work area (table, easel) with soap and water and clean the sink, taps and counter area.

There will be no drop-in possibilities in the fall term. Only registered participants may attend.


The following program list is from the FALL 2020 (no updates yet, sorry)



Printmaking . Making space to ensure all the printmakers can work in small groups. 


Advanced Painting Studio with John Leonard

Tuesday am 9:30 – 12:30  


Tuesday pm 1:00 – 4:00  

$200.00 incl hst   (10 classes) 

Please indicate AM or PM class

 *Note that John Leonard also critiques in the “A” group in afternoons


Tuesday Afternoon “A” Group      

No instructor, limited to 8 spaces 

Tuesday pm 1:00 – 4:00pm

 $ 95.00  may include occasional instructor support




Thursday Advanced Printmaking Studio

Wait list only      

9.00am to 4:00pm

$ 110.00 for 10 weeks, plus material fees $20 payable to convener



Printmaking Studio

Wait list only 

$ 110.00 for 10 weeks plus material fees $20 payable to convener




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to take an EAG class? 

  • EAG offers both classes and weekend workshops. Non-members may take weekend workshops, space allowing. Please contact us to register.

  • To register for a regular multi-session class or open studio option, EAG & NPCC membership is required. This supports our use of the our wonderful art centre.  

2. ​How can I pay?

  • EAG accepts payments by cheque or e-transfer only.

    • Cheques should be payable to the "Etobicoke Art Group". Cheques may be mailed or dropped off at the NPCC reception desk.Please use black or blue ink when writing cheques as other ink colours do not scan well in the bank machines.

  • e-transfers can be sent to <eagpayments@gmail.com>

    • DO NOT include a security question 

    • Please make sure to type the address exactly including the "s"

    • Use the note at the bottom of the transfer to state the class, date & time for which you are registering

  •  HST is included in all class fees.


3. Why do we have to pay drop in fees?

  • EAG pays rental fees to NPCC for every session. In addition, there are costs such as insurance and equipment to be covered. Our costs remain low as most work is done by volunteers but the cost of using studio space has to be covered. Studio costs are built into class fees as well.


4. If I join EAG or take a printmaking class, can I use the large press? 

  • ​The Thursday program is the only group that may use the large press.  The Thursday program always has a waiting list. Ongoing membership and documented printmaking experience is required to have your name maintained on the waiting list. 

5. Is the small press available to members during Open Studio times?

  • The small press may be used by members who have taken an EAG printmaking class and conditionally on another printmaker working with them. At least 2 printmakers must be present for use of the small press. In addition, there is a set of rules for use of the small press that must be followed. Copies of the Small Press Guidelines are available in the studio.

6.  Is there a Class convener ?

  • Every EAG class and workshop has a convener. The convener is responsible for relaying messages to the class, ensuring that every class member uses the equipment correctly and follows safety procedures, and that the instructor has a class list.

7. Are there extra supplies that I need to bring to class ?

  • Every particpant must bring a table covering, and if they are using an easel, a drop cloth to protect the floor beneath it.  Please also  bring your own paper towels and other items need for clean-up.

​revised June 2020​